The Suicide Prevention Training At Didi Hirsch Mental Health Community Center

The Suicide Prevention Training At Didi Hirsch Mental Health Community Center

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Coming from a disadvantaged background I wanted to figure out why certain populations were still considered disadvantaged and underserved. In the term “underserved” we recognize that there is an unequal distribution of services and a need to consider more, in order to effectively serve the population. While there are an increasing amount of access to resources, some of the resource as still not attainable or desirable due to the lack of cultural consideration. For instance, if the target group is Latinos but all of the information provided is in English, albeit great information it will not have the desired effect on Latinos who are not English-speaking.

As an Applied Research Consultant, my team and I evaluated the Suicide Prevention Training at Didi Hirsch Mental Health Community Center. I found that although the center had a community focus and dedication to diversity, their training manuals contained language which could convey stereotypical and gender-biased perspectives. The outcome of this discovery was not only an update of the entire manual but also the development of various protocols to ensure the most effective training and services. The final product was a Training Manual Revision Protocol detailing how to replicate the updating of the training manual and an Evaluation Protocol detailing how to administer, collect, score and store data in order to assist in pre and post-test data distribution and internal transfers. These protocols were a small step in ensuring that the trainings provide a culturally inclusive approach.

I am passionate about assisting underserved populations to be empowered in the face of adversity. I have found that empowering an individual to reach outside of the box is often helpful. Underserved...

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...mother was suffering from a psychotic disorder. I provided the client with resources to be able to educate himself on things that we occurring. It was later confirmed by her psychologist after a 51/50 hold that she was living with Schizophrenia. In these sessions we also discussed the immigration status of his parents and the reality that another strike against his father could lead to deportation. These were things that my supervisor at the time did not find value in and advised to spend time elsewhere. As the clinician in the room it was more than apparent that without working on these issues, which directly impacted my client, he would not be able to focus on himself. In this instance another clinician may have chosen a different treatment plan but my multicultural background let me know that any action short of what I did, would have been underserving my client.

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