Suicide Is The Way Out Of The Darkness Essay

Suicide Is The Way Out Of The Darkness Essay

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Many people see suicide in many different ways. Two of the most common ways that I see suicide viewed as are from either the people that have wanted to, tried to, or came close to committing suicide; the other view are from those who are strictly against suicide. The people who are against suicide say many things that are not true. They say suicide is weakness. Suicide is a person who wants attention. Suicide is when a person feels sorry for themselves. While on the other hand people who have tried, wanted to, and do commit suicide. Suicide to them is a way out. Suicide is the way out of the darkness. Suicide is a way out of the misery and pain that they feel. Suicide is the end of all pain.
The voices of the day come back to hunt her, to torment her through the pain and suffering that she endures everyday a new lie is spread, more vicious than the one before. The lies of her haters, the lies of the one that she used to love, she covers her ears but the voices still slip in spilling over slicing way through her head clear to her heart. There is no end to the pain, the torment, the hate, the darkness that eats away at her soul. She screams but like always there is no answer. Through the pain, the torment, the hate; through it all there is a voice, her voice the only one that makes since. She gets up and slowly walks to her bathroom pushing the door open, she runs to the cabinet opening it up. Throwing aside all of her belongings within until she reaches the only thing that is left that she cares about. A box. A box that holds her knife and her blood stained towel. Grabbing the knife she flings it open the feel of the cold metal hits her skin as her wrist begins to sting once more as she watches the blood poor out of her, her pain...

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...g faster the rush that you feel. It makes you know you’re alive, you’re your real and in a way yes it does take away the pain. You get so wrapped up in what your doing in the high the rest just goes numb, it no longer exists. But what if there is another way. What if the high that they get from the blade that slices their skin to deep, the pills that make everything numb till their heart stops, the feel of the rope around their neck as they fly into the air never returning to land, or the feel of the cold metal triger before the bullet enters their skull. What if instead of driving them to the breaking point with the lies we reach out to them help them find a different high. One where we don’t blame suicide for their problems. Suicide is not the killer. Suicide is a way to escape. To escape from the lies, the darkness and most of all the real killers those around us.

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