Essay on Suicide Is An Increasing Tragedy

Essay on Suicide Is An Increasing Tragedy

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In today’s society, there is a terrifying growing phenomenon happening amongst all ages, genders and races. Suicide has increased in the past averaging around 117 suicides a day in the United States alone. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of suicide is ‘the act or an instance of taking one 's own life voluntarily and intentionally, especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind.’ Suicide is an increasing tragedy and there are many ways that can prevent this horrifying action from happening to a close loved one, a classmate, or anyone.
There are several types of suicide according to social psychologist, Emile Durkheim. Egoistic suicide is when there is a lack of social integration of society, whether it be with at home, school, or even in a religious aspect. If someone does not have strong ties with a certain group or feel can connected to any part of society they start relying and depending on themselves. With a growing dependency on their own self one could miss the rules of society with not being shown what is acceptable behavior. An extreme sense of individualism and no real belonging can send someone over the edge. Another type of suicide Durkheim talked about was altruistic suicide which is caused by the sense of being overwhelmed with set standards of society or certain groups. Being seen as someone who is looked down upon by society for not meeting what society expects of them can really take a toll on someone’s being and cause them to break. Though I only named two there are other types of suicide according to Emile Durkheim like fatalistic and anomic suicide.
Suicide has no bias and can happen to anyone no matter the age, race, or gender. A study in 2014 shows that men commi...

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...r own specific plan He has made just for them, that there is no one else like them on the planet and that God is always there for them no matter what.
Suicide has been on the rise for the past 11 years and the numbers are growing to an all time high. There are millions of people throughout the world who are struggling with mental illness like depression that are not getting the help and treatment they need for various reasons. People struggling with these problems should not be afraid to seek help and should seek attention for treatment. It is also our duty as Christians to look out for one another and to allow God to continue his plan for his children by supporting them and giving them words of encouragement. Suicide is a serious problem throughout the world but can easily be stopped with a good support system and a good method of treatment specific to that person.

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