Essay about The Suicide Is A Sign Of Mental Illness

Essay about The Suicide Is A Sign Of Mental Illness

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Teen suicides have become more evident in news reports even when there is help readily available. Society tends to think suicide is a sign of mental illness, in fact there is a surprising amount of research that shows that young people commit suicide because of social factors that their parents, teachers, neighbors, and many other leaders control. Researchers need to study more on why both adolescent genders commit suicide and how to stop these acts from happening before the suicide rates accumulate throughout the United States. Suicide is fundamentally about shame, depression and is a person’s need to escape the embodied pain of feeling disconnected from society or inadequate to be amongst others.
Based on my research, adolescent male and female suicide records show that men commit more suicides because of lack in expressing their emotions. Whereas, the majority of female teenagers attempt suicide but don’t progress into killing themselves compared to the rates of male teenagers. One reason of this is that “Women process their experiences with friends. They discuss their feelings, seek feedback and take advice” (Murphy). The adolescent men restrain their emotions to not be controlled by others whereas, women teenagers are more expressive so they are more vulnerable to what advice people will have for them in order to convince them not to commit suicide.
Another one of the strangest and least understood influences on suicide is the season and the weather. Certain types of weather throw an eerie spell over many suicidal people, influencing them to die. There is a seasonal tide in suicide, and it never varies. The weather which leads to suicide is not what most people would expect. Mostly people believe that suicides are more apt to...

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...nd to give the help that could have saved the life of a human being.
In conclusion, should this not make it worthwhile for the communities, the states, and the nation to launch an all- out program against teen suicide in the United States? Should this not make it worthwhile for individuals to learn the dangers of suicide so they may be better qualified to recognize a potential suicide and offer help? Male teenagers will need more attention in the future since they are more venerable to committing suicide than female teenagers. Due to their lack in communicating their emotions and motives to others. Suicide is not unconquerable. What it takes are interested and informed people to make the suicide rate decrease. The challenge of suicide is here more than ever before. Everyone needs to come together and conquer it head on so suicide can be an abnormality of the past.

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