Suicide Is A Major Public Health Issue Essay

Suicide Is A Major Public Health Issue Essay

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Morality Essay
“Suicide is a major public health issue; it takes the life of over a million people a year.” (“Suicide Widely”) Suicide is a growing epidemic that has very negative effects and views against it. Suicide is immoral because it is said to taint your soul. Numerous side effects from it can help you understand why it is wrong. Families and friendships are torn apart by the destructive acts. Understandably, people considering killing themselves aren’t immoral because at that point you’re able to go get help and tell someone how you’re feeling. I hope to encourage more awareness for this issue to save more lives and encourage more communication.
My first case against Suicide is the pain the victim leaves their family and friends in. According to the article “Rationally Speaking: The Philosophy of Suicide”, Aristotle viewed suicide as a wrongful act towards society not to the person who died because of it. He saw the person ultimately for what they were, they openly consented to suicide and that the people that suffered were the ones that were left behind in the wake of the tragedies. People opposing this would say that people who took their lives were victims against a harsh society. They would argue they felt they had nowhere else to turn and that if they cared they would have asked and saw that something was wrong. My case is strong because it still doesn’t erase what the families are feeling after they lost their loved ones. They beat themselves up knowing that they didn’t know and that they couldn’t see what was happening.
From the religious standpoint, my next case comes from the idea that committing suicide means you’re going to hell. “In the Phaedo Socrates agrees with the idea that suicide is wrong because it ...

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...rves some of the blame at the end of the day, no one forces anyone to kill themselves it is a conscious decision to kill yourself out guilt, pride or whatever the case may be. Our purpose on this earth is to strive and endure everything being thrown at us for the purpose of growing and learning afterwards.

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