Essay on Suicide Is A Growing Epidemic

Essay on Suicide Is A Growing Epidemic

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The solution behind suicide, can be as simple as someone showing that they care about ones mental health. The person who takes their life may believe that the actions they take are a solution to something that can’t be handled with help from those around them. They continue with these action due to never seeking help never receiving the correct help. “Individuals may not realize how hard a suicide can affect those during the years of high school and college.” (Biebel). As suicide begins to be viewed as a public health issue, people aren’t doing enough to fight against this problem. It is ignored due to people believe it is uncontrollable. “The question we must ask ourselves becomes: are we providing adequate attention to this issue or placing it upon a no ask system?” (Biebel). More attention should be addressed towards suicide due to it becoming ignored and thrown to the side like it’s nothing. A viewing from the lack of support in one mind, suicide is a growing epidemic. Suicide is becoming an issue in instances including acts of selfishness in the face of excruciating pain.
The sadness to the family and friends is even more hurtful after the victim commits suicide as there is no explanation to why. No letter, video, signs or anything. “Following a loved one’s suicide, many questions run through survivors head, the most common of which start with why, such as: “Why didn’t I see it coming?” and “Why did my loved one choose death over life” (Biebel). Many remain unaware of the effect among young people taking their lives. Many believe that suicide is not controllable and believe it is something people will never see coming. But so many teens’ shows signs of early depression and that could too lead up to suicide. Something has ...

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... being communicated and advertised as well as it should. We need to create far more public awareness of how big and effective suicide really is and of the symptoms of and treatments for depression “Families, schools, churches and synagogues, teachers and university administrators all need to learn more and do more.” (The Issue of Suicide). People expect a society with open eyes to this problem that can be controlled, a society that does not accept the fixable problems but rather makes the problems go away. “Teen suicide is clearly one of the more quickly growing causes of today. It is not an uncommon occurrence and can definitely be controlled with help of the community.” (Suicide Statistics). Families and friends need to take the chances of teen suicide seriously even if their community has not experienced one. They are all preventable however, in more ways the one.

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