Suicide Intervention : Bystander Intervention Essay

Suicide Intervention : Bystander Intervention Essay

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Bystander Intervention
Imagine an innocent teen walking home from school, when a bully appears and begins relentlessly taunting, pushing, and calling the teen harsh names. The teen is defenseless and hopeless because he/she is intimidated by the bully and no one around is stopping the interaction. There is one solution to this situation that can help teens when they are in that position, and it is bystander intervention. The University of Texas’ Bystander Intervention initiative defines bystander intervention as “recognizing a potentially harmful situation or interaction and choosing to respond in a way that could positively influence the outcome” (qtd in Mangan). There are several reasons why bystanders should intervene when teens are being bullied: bystanders intervening when teens are being bullied can protect their self-esteem from being damaged or destroyed, prohibit them from harming themselves and/or others, and prevent them from having complications later in life.
First of all, bystanders should intervene when teens are being bullied because it can protect the teens ' self-esteem from being damaged or destroyed. The victims of bullying tend to have poor communication skills and lack confidence in themselves which results in
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low self-esteem. Ultimately, having low self-esteem can ruin their teenage lives. In his article, “Bullied at School, Bullied at Work: a Prospective Study”, Lars Peter Anderson informs us that “Self-esteem refers to the global and evaluative view of oneself “and”…self-esteem has been found to be associated with bullying” (Moore qtd. in Anderson).Therefore, a teen having low self-esteem results in poor academic performance, health difficulties, and shyness around others. However, this could ...

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...inessa Ferrell-Smith points out that “...there is no readily identifiable reason for bullying…” The bullies harass the teens just for entertainment. Now, if this is the norm for bystanders to watch as this harsh crime takes place, that means the human race has lost one of the most important things to being a human, and that is compassion.
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Bystander intervention is not a waste of time, it is an act of humanity that could potentially save teen lives. Intervening when teens are being bullied: protects their self-esteem, saves their lives and the lives of innocent people, and can prevent them from having complications in adulthood. It does not take much to intervene when teens are being bullied, just a few minutes out of 1,440 minutes in a day. Intervene and protect the teen or stand aside and watch as a life is being ruined and others are being put at risk.

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