Suicide from a Psychological, Sociological and Anthropological Perspective

Suicide from a Psychological, Sociological and Anthropological Perspective

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Suicide is a sad story many people are reluctant to approach. But when somebody nearest to them kills themselves, they feel the compelling guilt of trying to understand the motive behind the death. It is a complex and rather devastating subject. Many who kill themselves can never come back to tell us what happened and why it did. Suicide takes an emotional toll on it's survivors and wreck havoc in the wake of the surrounding victims. What causes suicide is a probing series of many theories, and yet not one definitive answer. The prevention of suicide is also difficult to pinpoint, but only because the intent is unknown. The importance of researching the motives of the suicidal is essential to modern humanity as a whole, because in the era we live in, suicide rates are climbing faster than ever. Understanding the driving force behind suicide is what can help the field of social science to save the conscience mind of many people from self-destruction - and save their lives, and the emotions of their loved ones.

The Inner Voice that Drives Suicide: Understanding a person in suicidal crisis
By Lisa Firestone, Ph.D in Compassion Matters
Psychology Today
Psychologist Lisa Firestone had come to a conclusion that the main driving factor behind suicide and suicide attempts was an inner voice which disconnected the individual from the real world and from selflessness. The voice centers around the ego and weakens the conscience of the individual, leading them to believe they are unworthy of living and undeserving of human love. She believes that human beings who have suicidal attempts do not do it out of their own accor...

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