The Suicide Deaths Of Suicide Essay

The Suicide Deaths Of Suicide Essay

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In 2014 there were more than 42,773 suicide deaths reported (Suicide Facts). Many things play a role in suicide deaths such as: depression, bullying, and fighting. In many cases people have demonstrated clear warning signs. Psychologists have done a lot research to find out that depression is leading cause in suicidal death. In relation to that there are a lot of types of suicide: Egoistic, Altruistic, Fatalistic Anomic. Even though some people do not catch the warning signs others may. In this case they will be able to send them for the help they are required.
Consequently, some gender has a tendency to commit more than the other. In recent studies it shows that ages 10-24 are most likely to commit suicide (Suicide Trends among Persons Aged 10-24). Gender wise me are most common to commit. In some cases suicidal attempts are not successful and they can be helped. However, in some cases it is just too late. Men are more likely to commit suicide than others (Suicide). Researchers have suggested that men with depression go unrecognized and untreated than women (ibid). Women are more likely to talk to someone than men are (ibid). Men are more likely to hold it in considering it as a weakness; where as women are more open about it (ibid). Men are almost more likely to turn to alcohol or other drug substances (ibid). In addition, men are more likely to use more lethal methods than women to commit to suicide (ibid). Some examples that men have done are jumping from high areas, hanging, and another big one would be intoxication (ibid).
In gruesome detail, there are so many ways that people can commit suicide. Drug overdose, firearm, hanging, chemical weapon, carbon monoxide, suffocating, vehicle, poisoning, ...

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...ailable every single day at every single second. They have a lot of numbers online that you can look up and call. They are good to call if you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to. If you do not want to tell that one person you always have them to talk to as that friend; even though you do not know them and probably have never met them before either.
The last thing that I have is if you have caught the warning signs you can take them to a rehab center. Even if they have tried it and they were not successful this is a great place to take them. They offer them in about every state. Trained specialists are there to work with them to get them back to their normal selves and not someone they are not. They are trying to better that person and that person’s family. In many cases this has been a success and has saved many lives.

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