Suicide Bombings Around the World Essay

Suicide Bombings Around the World Essay

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In 2012, a total of 6,771 terrorist attacks occurred worldwide, resulting in more than 11,000 deaths and more than 21,600 injuries. Suicide bombings have been taking place for decades and some major bombings include 9/11, sandy hook, etc. These impact many people all over the world and are ruining the economy. Suicide bombings are a colossal issue that interfere with security at many worldwide events, but could maybe begin to be prevented. Security is developing a way to detect suicide bombers before they attack. One huge place where a suicide bombing is most likely to happen is in Sochi, Russia at the Olympic Games.
Suicide bombing colligates with kidnapping and hostages. These topics were developing popularity in 2012. While 1,280 people in 2012 were kidnapped and held hostage, security decided to take control of terrorist attacks and casualties worldwide. This is an extremely high number; knowing that all of these people were kidnapped is a recipe for a suicide bombing. Predators usually start small with kidnapping then work their way up to a more deadly form of terrorism, suicide bombing. “On average, there were 564.25 attacks, 924.23 deaths, and 1,804.33 injuries per month in 2012. There were 1.64 fatalities and 3.20 injuries per attack, including predator causalities” (National). Suicide bombing do not only occur in the USA; they also take place in other countries and are more common there. For example, “Although terrorist attacks occurred in 85 different countries in 2012, they were heavily concentrated geographically. Over half of all attacks (55%), fatalities (62%), and injuries (65%) occurred in just three countries: Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan” (National). In 2012, many suicide bombings and terrorist attacks were ...

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