Essay on Suggested Foreclosure Plans

Essay on Suggested Foreclosure Plans

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Everything was great when I went to bed. My parents weren't letting off a hint that anything was wrong. When I woke up in the morning, one of the officers from the Wells Fargo bank was sitting at the kitchen table. I overheard that savage word, "foreclose." The sound nearly made me wince. He excused himself, apologized for inconveniences, and made his way to disrupt someone else's day. My mother began to cry, and my dad shook his head.
The bad economy had hit my family pretty hard. The worst part is that our house was going to be taken away, which obviously meant that I would not be getting a car for Christmas like my parents had promised me. However, the car wasn't important. I wanted to keep our house more than anything. The greatest days in a man's life is when he finally has a place to call home, with a family that loves him as much as he loves them. That is the true American dream. Yet, somehow, it seems as though banks just don't have a heart sometimes. A bank is a business, just like any other place, and therefore they must alwasys look out for the interest of their business. The selfishness of business has grown less and less accommodating as the years have progressed. I propose a plan to help aid the foreclosure issues that are quickly becoming a nation epidemic.
President Obama, I urge you to take control of the interest level associated with a loan. We need a healthy, achievable number that even the poorest families, like my own, an afford, yet still allow the bank's to thrive as they should. Banks need to stop worrying so much about being MORE rich than they are, and worry more about helping people. Decide on a number, or a percent rather, and freeze that number for the next 10 years. That number ne...

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...E: Corporations, etc)
Offer these companies big tax breaks for their donations
Outlaw seizure of property due to foreclosure (if Owners follow the guidelines)
- Let said guidelines be defined as consistent (60% / 7 months) payment of at least minimum/appropriate payment as defined in the loan agreement.
Establish a judicial organization to help oversee foreclosure of property by banks through government agencies.
Lower property taxes and help stop the monopoly that is becoming Home Owner's Insurance.
Urge Insurance companies to establish lower costs on combined insurance plans (IE: All State's House/Flood/Auto/Trailer Insurance combination with extensive savings)

Most importantly, help promote people to help others. We all want our nation to thrive, and to do that, we need to have places for children to feel safe so that they too can get an education.

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