Sugar Is A Cheap Commodity Essay

Sugar Is A Cheap Commodity Essay

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When someone says the word sugar, the first things we think about when we hear it is, lollies and sweets, fizzy drinks, and all those amazing apple pies and other sugar enriched baking food grandma would bake when you visited her. Sugar to most seems innocent as long as we do the exercise and keep the lollies and fizzy to a moderation. The truth is, the society we live in, and nation 's around the world and its people. Have been blinded and, or remain unaware that sugar no longer just resides in the food and beverages we all could label as full of sugar. But in fact, the food industry (specifically sugar-driven companies such as Chelsea) all want us to believe that is the case, while they continue to pile in the sugar into every single product they can, and why? Because sugar is a cheap commodity, how do we make a product cheaper? Simple, take out a percentage of an expensive ingredient and dump in the sugar, and what are we, the consumers left with? A product like canned tuna that we perceive as good for you, and couldn 't possibly have sugar in it, and yet surely enough somehow the food industry finds ways to get sugar into almost anything; in fact almost 80% of our supermarket 's products contains added sugar, and we aren 't just talking about an extra teaspoon or two, they 're literally piling in the sugar. So now we have all these products that we consume everyday all containing excessive amounts of sugar: "Australian 's and New Zealander 's consume on average 26 to 27 tsp of sugar a day. It is estimated that half, or 13-14 tsp, of our sugar intake comes from sugar added to food." When the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has a daily recommendation of 6 teaspoons of sugar for an adult, recently reduced in the last few years...

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.... The same study found 14-18-year-old children intake the most sugar on a daily basis, averaging about 34.3 teaspoons." It seems the older, children become the more sugar becomes a higher percentage of their diet which consequently will have a major impact on their health in the future, some cases have even expressed that adolescents as young as 16 have shown early signs of type two diabetes as a result of insulin resistance being built up to their high levels of sugar intake. So how can we stop this global pandemic that is not only affecting this generation but, will subsequently be passed down to the next if we do not educate our young ones? We have to look again at why this is happening and to do that we have to look back in history to an attitude which has drawn so much media attention over many years, allowing sugar to slip past the radar practically undetected.

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