Sugar Extraction from Sugar Canes Essay

Sugar Extraction from Sugar Canes Essay

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1. How industries produce sugar from a sugar cane? Are there multiple ways?
Where does it come from? What are the steps?

Industries have many different methods of producing sugar from sugar canes. Firstly, Industries buy sugar canes from the various countries and send the canes to a sawmill. Thirdly, the sawmill grinds the sugar cane. Then, the industry boils the sugar cane juice until it turns into syrup. Then the syrup is run through a centrifuge, which removes molasses from the top of the syrup. After, the raw syrup is mixed with water and left to dry. When the drying process is complete the sugar is sent to mass amounts of consumers around the world. There are many ways to produce sugar from sugar cane but all companies agree that this certain method is best for efficiency and give more quantity and better quality than the other methods.

2. Describe the changes that you had to make to your procedure. What did you change, why?
I had to make a couple changes in the procedure; the first change we made is we couldn’t get efficient results from rolling out the juice. To get better results we cut the sugar cane into smaller pieces and crushed them. Crushing the sugar cane wasn’t producing as much juice we needed. Then we took the crushed sugar cane into a tinfoil paper and left the bottom open and put a beaker underneath the tin foiled sugar cane. We then, proceeded to squeeze the juice out producing more efficient and more quantity of sugar can juice.

3. If you were to do the extraction again, how would you improve it? Be very descriptive in the changes that you would make.

One major change I would make into the procedure is the to make a more efficient way to extract the sugar. To make it more efficient fi...

... middle of paper ... control the amount of sugar they put into their bodies.

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