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Going away to camp, for most people, is a good experience. There people would interact with friends and play games. Going away to camp is all around a fun past time. Most people saw camp was a vacation, to get away from work or school or just reality all together. There are different types of camp. Rocking out with Mitchie ( Demi Lovato ) and Joe (Joe Jonas ) at Camp Rock in the movie Camp Rock to working on health and fitness with Rachel and Taylor in the movie Fat Camp and then there is Sugar Camp. Sugar Camp was the complete opposite of the first thing that comes to mind, when the word “Camp” is heard or thought of. From a small cottage to a camp of sixty cabins, Sugar Camp has managed to get through a training program, go through a world war, and become part of Dayton’s history. It all started with a man by the name of John Patterson.
John Patterson, founder of NCR (National Cash Register), started a teaching camp held in the summers for the salesmen of NCR. This camp trained the salesmen on their sales pitches. The camp was located in a little cottage on Patterson Farm on Brown Street, but in 1903, Patterson moved the camp due to the suffering of the men because of the heat in the cottage. It was relocated to Schantz Avenue. There, Patterson set up wooden floored tents, which was where his school was now going to be held. It was then when the camp was named Sugar Camp. In 1934 Colonel Edward A. Deeds replaced the tents with 60 four persons cabins. Each cabin were fourteen by thirty five foot wood frame building.
At this point Sugar Camp was home to 518 men, during the months of June, July and August. The men part of Sugar Camp studied hard and took classes to better NCR. “Despite the long hours of serious application ...

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...n, Sugar Camp went from NCR’s salesmen training camp to the homes of Women Appointed for the Voluntary Emergency during World War II, to NCR’s training camp for salesmen again. After all those years Sugar Camp is now part of Dayton’s history. It is remembered and thought of thanks to Carillon Historical Park.

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