The Suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust Essay

The Suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust Essay

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After World War II ended on September 2, 1945 many Jews who were persecuted, were left with no family, possessions, or most importantly their homes. This lead to a great conflict of where they would live and with a push from German officials they were encouraged to emigrate. The Israelis needed a safe place to rehabilitate from the holocaust and deserved to reclaim their once homeland, Israel.
Since the Jews were left homeless after World War II they have a right to reestablish Israel. “The suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust… The United Nations decision to carve out a Jewish State was motivated in large part by sympathy for the devastation inflicted on European Jews” (Guardia 155). “Palestinians have usually regarded the holocaust as a propaganda tool used to deny them their own national aspirations. They have variously denied that the holocaust ever happened, or claimed its scale was vastly exaggerated harnessed the horror as a rhetorical weapon to accuse the Israelis of behaving like Nazis in their treatment of the Palestinians” (Guardia 156). Ever since the time of the bible the Jews occupied the holy land of Israel. However they were invaded in 1076 and taken over by the Muslims. From the time of the first crusade in 1096 to the time of the fifth crusade in 1221, the Israelis fought to keep their region safe. Regardless of the many battles over this land, the Jews should not have to fight the Palestinians over a land that was theirs in the first place.
After the return of the Palestinian land for Jewish settlements the Arabs created a great contradiction. “By virtue of national and historical right of the Jewish people and by resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations we hereby proclaim the establishmen...

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...protected. If they never come to the conclusion that they either have to share the land or settle in a different land than this problem will never be resolved. The Israelis and Palestinians were dividing into two. Just like how the Berlin wall was put up in 1961 in June of 2002 a 425 mile wall was built to separate the Jews and Arabs. The West Bank Barrier that extended from was built to make a truce between the two rivals. After the constructions of this barrier Palestinian attacks on Israel reduced traumatically.

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