Suffering, Key of Happiness Essay

Suffering, Key of Happiness Essay

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Suffering, Key of Happiness
Suffering can be defined as an experience of discomfort suffered by a person during his life. The New York Times published an article entitled what suffering does, by David Brooks (2014). In this article, Brooks explains how suffering plays an important role in our pursuit of happiness. He explains firstly that happiness is found through experiences and then, suffering can also be a motivation in our pursuit of happiness. In other words, suffering is a fearful but necessary gift to acquire happiness. This paper is related to motivation and emotion, two keys words to the pursuit of happiness (King, 2010).
According to Brooks (2014), people seek happiness but indirectly obtain several tests that affects their emotions in many ways. Indeed, when people are is questioned about their past, memories coming back to her mind are often the most important positively as negatively. A positive event can be the birth of a child, success. In contrast, a negative event is often links to death, failure, a dismissal, and so on. Suffering or pain also gives us an outside perspective. Without a doubt, suffering makes us human we like it or not. For example, when a friend tells that she has failed an exam and we realize that we could get it easily, it is hard to understand exactly her emotion because we have never been in the situation. But when the same situation arises and you become the concerned, you understand the effect that this failure may have on you emotionally. In this sense, we understand that suffering makes people human because it helps them to be connected to a situation already happened before or which could happen in the future.
On the other hand, we can say that suffering is relevant. It shows a diff...

... middle of paper ... face reality. We gain true happiness in suffering because the greatest happiness is known that when we really suffered. And I'm pretty sure all the characters like Mandela, Ghandi could be happy to know that their fight eventually pay today. Even as a human, suffering has become a part of our existence. Any good marriage is based on periods of discord, relations between parents and children are often in tension. Every birth is preceded by the suffering of the mother. Therefore overcome suffering is not about something that happened, but how you respond to life after these tests.

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