The Sudanese Effect on the United States Essay

The Sudanese Effect on the United States Essay

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As the United States continues to address issues within numerous countries we will observe closely the Horn of Africa, more specifically, Sudan. This paper will address the Sudanese culture as well as the effects this particular culture has had on the United States. Most recently Sudan, on several occasions, has been portrayed throughout the news media as a very violent and defiant area. The United States has tried to impose its democracy beliefs on this country but has had little or no compliance.
To put everything into perspective Sudan has a population of 33.5 million, with fifty- two percent consisting of black Africans, thirty- nine percent Arab, six percent Beja, two percent foreign, and the rest are made up of various ethnicities. Back in the Middle Ages the Arabs bestowed the name of “Bilad al-Sudan” meaning; “land of the black” to the area now known as Sudan. However, the country is split pertaining to culture with Arab Muslims primarily in the north and non- Muslim black Africans in the south. With that being said, these two groups are vastly different when it comes to culture and tradition and have an extreme bitterness for each other. Keep in mind, Sudan is the largest country in Africa as well as the ninth largest in the world which makes it a logistical nightmare for the United States to implement democracy (Culture of Sudan, 2011, p. 2).
Sudan is made up of four very different areas, in the north the land mostly consist of deserts with and occasional oases. Consequently, rain is very scarce in these parts however, the north does contain the largest manmade lake in the world, Lake Nubia. Now in the central part of Sudan it is mainly high with very sandy plains, mostly an agricultural area. The south is made up of g...

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... which superseded based on colonial treaties, is untouchable to African boundaries. Last of all, Africans are aware that Ethiopia continues to openly refuse international law which is clearly defiant as well as unjust and significantly effects the United States.

Biedemariam, A. (2010). Sudan’s Rejection of US/UN Sanction on Eritrea and Its Implications | E-SMART: Eritrean Sanctions Must be Annulled and Repealed Today!. E-SMART: Eritrean Sanctions Must be Annulled and Repealed Today! | Eritrean Sanctions Must be Annulled and Repealed Today!. Retrieved March 12, 2011, from
Culture of Sudan - traditional, history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs. (2011). Countries and Their Cultures. Retrieved March 12, 2011, from

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