Essay on Successful Partnership With Student And Teacher

Essay on Successful Partnership With Student And Teacher

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I believe that success in the classroom is the result of a unique partnership between student and teacher. As an educator, I will ensure the success of this partnership through continuous learning, flexibility, innovation and inspiration. Each of these components is essential in motivating students to take responsibility for their active participation in the educational process.


An educator’s willingness to earn is the most important component in establishing a successful partnership with students. An educator’s eagerness to learn fosters an appreciation for learning in students. Students learn by observing from the instructor that learning is a lifelong process rather than a goal achieved upon completion of a degree program. An integral component of continuing education requires that I keep myself current with the best pedagogical techniques as well as the latest advances in my field. I will continue to sharpen my teaching skills through consultation with colleagues and working to identify areas for further development. I plan to take advantage of programs available at my university teaching center to further hone my skills in the classroom. In addition to these efforts, the internet offers opportunities to access innovations that professors are using in classrooms worldwide. Accessing these resources to keep current in my profession is one aspect of continuous learning. Maintaining a presence in the research community further enhances my classroom instruction by providing an opportunity to learn about advances in the field. I plan to keep abreast of the advances in my field through attending conferences and meetings.


In addition to being a continuous learner, ...

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...e this, a box for questions or topics that interest students will be placed in my class period. In addition, students will be allowed to develop the topic further by writing a paper. I believe that the manner in which students are evaluated also contributes to a motivating educational experience. Incentives such as extra credit or dropping the lowest exam grade keep students motivated to persist even when they must overcome obstacles to learn skills and challenging material.

I believe that instructors that are continuous learners, flexible, innovative and are inspiring are able to develop an appreciation for the sciences in their students. It is my goal to foster an enthusiastic interest among students in a field that continues to result in the development of newer and better medicines, cures for various diseases and greater scientific productivity in the world.

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