Successful Management of the Passive Aggressive Employee Essay

Successful Management of the Passive Aggressive Employee Essay

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A critical factor in the management of people today is the ability to handle every challenging employee situation with the appropriate communication and actions. One of the most difficult types of employees to manage is the Passive-Aggressive who refuses to accept constructive feedback and tries to stir up discontent among other employees. In order to be successful in the management of the Passive Aggressive Employee, there has to be a planned approach, which includes effective communication, consequences, and actions.

This article discusses the effect feedback has on an employee or subordinate, and evaluates the most appropriate way to deliver feedback. Negative feedback given in a positive manner can be very beneficial and stimulate change; however, negative feedback given in a negative manner has a tendency to decrease motivation and change. The article also talks about the role the Manager plays in helping the employee cope with the emotional affects of receiving negative feedback. In order for the negative feedback to have a positive effect on the subordinate, the Manager has to understand how to connect emotionally with the subordinate, and help them through the feedback process.
This article agrees that there has to be a planned approach in delivering feedback. Feedback delivered in the appropriate manner can promote change. Understanding how to connect with the difficult employee emotionally when giving feedback is pivotal in gaining their trust and acceptance.

This article evaluates the underlying factors that may contribute to bullying behaviors in the mental health organization. The author then makes recommendations on how to reduce future occurrences by helping th...

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