The Success Program For A Successful College Student Essay

The Success Program For A Successful College Student Essay

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To me college symbolizes knowledge and intelligence. A college graduate automatically has the air of maturity and sophistication as well as portrays an educated persona. But one everyone has the capability to make it through college. People like me need just a little helping hand to get to guiding us though little by little until we are able to walk on our own. I would like to participate in the bridges program because I believe that this program will help me grow stronger as a student, person as well as a member in society. The Bridges to success program will assist me with making the first steps into incoming a successful college student. I truly believe that in order to become successful you must fist have a strong foundation. The bridges program to me is that foundation. Providing me with the path leading me into the right direction.
Going into high school I was over powered with a dark cloud filled with resentment that my parents showered alone me constantly reminding me that I wasn’t as bright as my sister. At the young age of 11myy parents sent me to live with my grandmother. Being raises by two successful parents brought disdainful feeling of depression that caused me to feel vain. I felt like a lost child because my parents were so busy working that they didn’t have time to care form me anymore. Being a rebellious child I decided to last out by failing school. In the in order to find the proper attention I thought needed to “show” out because that was what I needed. I thought I needed my parents and because of them I wasn’t complete. Soon afterwards my grandmother pasted away. Leaving me not only angry that I was neglected but now also guilty that I wasn’t as paresis active to my grandmother as I was supposed to me. With...

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... and that is to be intelligent, cunning, charming and relevant. I believe that this program will aid him to further develop these Characteristics College in its very label is the very epitome of intelligence and knowledge. As well college will provide me with a basis of networking with professors, peers, and faculty alike. I will have a plethora of sources to draw from by the end of my college career. As well as building influential connections I will need going into the next phase in my life. Attending this college program will also serve as a means to diversify myself as well as provide me with that air of sophistication, serving as a charm that will be irresistible.
Moreover, the Bridges to Success Program will not only provide me with a plethora of advantages, but it will also guarantee that I will be provided everything I need to know to be a proficient doctor.

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