The Success Of The Wwi Song Repertoire Essay

The Success Of The Wwi Song Repertoire Essay

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The lack of in-depth researches and impartial analysis over the WWI song repertoire encouraged me to look for direct sources and seek for researchers and musicians who are still focusing their works and efforts on that period.
The conjunction with the Great War’s hundredth anniversary certainly helped my project, at the same time, I came in contact with many musicologists and artists who dedicated their career or part of it to the WWI years.
As a result, I decided to focus my attention on researchers who promoted and made accessible the wide range of tunes written by soldiers during the war.
The main reason motivating my choice was to find a different perspective on the music production of those years, which wasn’t the official or academic one.
I always looked to distance my study from a theoretical approach, being more involved with live performances of that repertoire and audience reactions to them.
I recognised that, to understand those songs and their legacy, is not possible to avoid confronting and relating with who is still singing, playing and listening to them.
It is also unavoidable to reflect the experiences of those characters and narrate their story and career.
To do so, next to meeting and interacting with members of the audience during concerts, commemorations and festivals which paid tribute to WWI’s memory, I also interviewed five musicians, ethno- and musicologists who are deeply involved with the repertoire.
As written, they are five examples of how is still possible to rescue and update hundred year old compositions preserving their original messages.
As a matter of fact, the interviewees, despite reflecting different ways to approach and re-elaborate the period, belong to a progressive or autonomous environment...

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...oir since 1960s and its director since 1987.
But, before me, the director was my uncle and even before him, there was my grandfather, who was also one of the founders”. (Pedrotti)
Pedrotti and the Choir have undoubtedly become part of the Italian cultural heritage, but at the same time, they reflect a more conventional and orthodox point of view over WWI songs.
The choir’s repertoire is inevitably based on some of the most popular songs written during WWI and, since 1926, the choir sings those songs all around the world.
All the interviews I performed and the contacts I had with people who are still interested in WWI and its legacy have more and more displayed the importance and the dignity of the soldiers who fought during that war.
The more I was exposed to information, stories and testimonies, the more I realised the importance to rediscover the traces they left.

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