The Success Of The 1960 ' S Essay

The Success Of The 1960 ' S Essay

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The 1960’s was a decade that holds a lot of history. For one lady that decade will always be remembered. Phyllis Juneanne Kokoropoulos was born August 12, 1942. Starting with childhood Kokoropoulos was born in Berchlick, Kentucky. The only child of George and Nancy Cook. They moved her from Kentucky to Ohio when she was 10 years old. She grew up raising chickens and helping her daddy in his garden.
Kokoropoulos went to Colonial White High School where she met Terry Meyers. They fell in love and got married at 16, and had her first baby Ricky at 17. Terry worked and she was a stay at home mother. Kokoropoulos had their first baby girl Robin shortly after. Still being a stay at home mother and loving that she got to spend so much time with her babies, she could not ask for a better life. Just as she thought that her whole life was perfect and nothing could make it any better she got pregnant again. This time they had another boy named Randy. Kokoropoulos and her husband were in and out of this hospital with Randy from the time he was born until he was about 3 years old. Not knowing what was going on and thinking that they were going to lose their son, they got closer than ever. With all the madness of Randy, and him being sick she got pregnant again. This being the last time they welcomed a baby girl named Terri into the world. She was still a stay at home mother for a few years. Kokoropoulos no longer wanted to stay home since the kids were all in school, so she made a life for herself as a firefighter.
Meanwhile, her and Terry drifted apart and divorced. Her mother then falls sick, so Kokoropoulos took care of her mother. She helped Nancy through three kidney transplants, then she planned the funeral along with taking car...

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... supporting them when they came back home they spit on them and threw things at them. Unlike today when soldiers come home from deployment and get ceremonies, love and support. A service member is hardly hated on today. Vietnam veterans deserve way more support than they have ever gotten. Now they are all getting old and dieing of crazy diseases they got while over in another country fighting for a cause that they did not necessarily support. They did it because they got drafted and had no choice in the matter except to do what they were told to do by the government. Vietnam was one of the most deadly wars for civilians and service members. Bombs and bullets flying from every where no one knew if they were going to die walking out of their houses. The service men and women should have been treated better coming home and not been called “baby killers” and “murderers”.

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