The Success Of The Ford Motor Company Essay

The Success Of The Ford Motor Company Essay

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We get around places in different ways. The most useful way of transportation is by the use of vehicles. They have been around for numerous years. In addition, each and every year they come more efficient and technically advanced for the consumers’ personal use. A company that has been around since the first production of cars is the Ford Motor Company. Since 1903 to present day, their vehicles have been efficient to the consumers’ demands.
To begin with, in 1903, Henry Ford and eleven other investors founded the Ford Motor Company. Ever since, its business operated mostly in manufacturing automobiles and other motorized vehicles. The company is also involved in marketing and other financial services. It stands as a very popular worldwide company. Before, it became universally known, the company started in Mack Avenue plant, up in Detroit, Michigan, United States. The company’s earlier years, estimated between 1903 through 1906, weren’t its greatest production years, in other words, their sales were unstable. For example, in 1903, Ford manufactured the Model A car, in total the company manufactured about 1,000 vehicles, however, it was estimated that only couple hundred were sold in the United States. The balance between the production of the cars and the sales of the cars were unbalanced. Sales weren’t ideal, but, it helped the company be more established. Then, in 1908, Ford manufactured a better model, known as the Model T. The model T increased the company’s sales. In fact, sales were more profitable with this model. Moreover, it was mass-produced and consumable for middle-class citizens. In other words, it became more popular and affordable for consumers to buy. Ford was becoming more recognizing within the society, as well ...

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...eral Motors, Ford was able to positively increase because in 2009 it increased in sales and market share. After some years to present day, Ford flourished and became very prosperous in the automotive corporation.
Overall, the Ford Motor Company is a company that thrived over a hundred years. From the beginning in 1903 to present day, it has gone through various stages and faced numerous obstacles in the way. Obstacles, such as, the great depression and the World Wars. Despite the obstacles, the company was able to overcome them and establish a well-organized company that flourished over the years. There were increases and decreases during its years, but the company always found a way to stabilize itself in order to succeed and not vanquish. All in All, Ford Motors is a successful company that establish an excessive profit and innovating the worlds’ transportation.

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