The Success Of The Boston Massacre Essay

The Success Of The Boston Massacre Essay

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On March 5, 1770, the unthinkable happened in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Massacre took place, which was one of the main sparks to help drive the Americans to start a revolution to help gain their freedom over the British. The Americans have had enough of the British taking away their freedoms and knew they had to take a stand if they wanted to see change in the colonies. There were three major things that caused the Boston Massacre. First, the growing mistrust between the British soldiers and the Americans. Secondly, the removal of two out of four regiments, which meant there were an inadequate amount of soldier’s to keep the peace in the colonies. Lastly, the revolts of the Acts that the British put on the Americans. The buildup of all of these events caused the Americans to take a stand for their rights and lead to the Boston Massacre.
The mistrust between the American and the British started when King George III acted like he owned the colonies and sent 4,000 British troops to Boston in 1768, and there job was to enforce taxation measures, which were passed by a British parliament, that was absent of American representation. This made the Americans feel as if they were not getting treated fairly and made them believe that the British were just going and doing everything they wanted to do and they could not have any say about it, and that finally pushed the American’s over the edge. When the Americans started to lose trust with the British that is when it all started to take a turn in the wrong direction. This really made the American’s start thinking about their rights and the reasons they came over to America in the first place, which was to have freedom from the British.
King George III started making...

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... a revolt against the British and start a revolution for their freedom. This would eventually lead to the Revolutionary War and America gaining its freedom over Britain and making the best nation this world has ever seen. The causes and effects of the Boston Massacre will always play a huge role in history for its meaning resolutions. While resolution was always was the Americans wanted they felt the need to go through with all the debates and wars just to get away from persecution. Now we seem to feel like we have a sense of entitlement because we have rights that others do not get the luxury of having, and we take them for granted. So when you feel like someone is in your, bubble of Americans, give them the benefit of the doubt because we are all aliens to this country we were just lucky enough to be born in the great country we call the United State of America.

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