Essay on The Success Of Pizza Pie

Essay on The Success Of Pizza Pie

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Imagine a cheesy, saucy, warm bread melting in your mouth. What is this delightful food?

Its nothing more than pizza. Pizza pie is one of the most popular foods in America it can be

found everywhere. It is a staple of the American diet as a cheap and easy meal. Pizza is sold in

many shapes and variations from barbeque on pizza to chocolate chips. Pizza is served at parties,

in cafeterias and in college dorms. Not only has pizza pie make its way into American culture. It

has now become American as apple pie. From the discovery by royalty in Italy, and through

European immigration it made its way to American culture

Although we love our modern day version of pizza where did it all begin? Today pizza is

a popular dish and is sold in nearly every town in America. The foundations for Pizza were

originally laid by the early Greeks, but originated in the Middle East as a flat bread. Flat bread is

a combination of flour, water, and salt cooked in a clay oven. During the eighteenth century, the

flat breads called "Pizzas" were sold on the street and markets by vendors on the in Naples, Italy.

The food, was an inexpensive, tasty, and readily available, and popular among the peasants.

Even though pizza is not associated as being peasant food in modern times, it began as a

simple piece of bread popular among the poor. According to Brassfeild who wrote the Origin of

Pizza said “Pizza was consumed by the peasant working class because of its convenience and

affordable cost”(Brassfeild). Common people were able to get the ingredients and make this

inexpensive meal for their families. People who traveled to the poor sections of Naples in the

seventeenth century would eat pizza served by peddlers with tin s...

... middle of paper ...

...ed and began offering home delivery

while another major player began selling pizza franchises across America.

Early in the 1970s, Television commercials and radio jingles promoting local pizzerias

gained popularity throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and by the 1990s, pizza stations were

introduced in major department stores. Pizza has become as American as apple pie and might be

considered one of the most resourceful foods in America. Apparently, there are no limitations to

toppings, dough varieties, and shapes and sizes. Americans enjoy pizza hot and cold, as an

appetizer, main dish, and even as a dessert. Pizza is not fancy though it can be. Pizza is casual

fare and finger food; no utensils required. Over the course of the centuries pizza is being

sold in over seven thousand pizzerias as a inexpensive, tasty, and important food of our culture.

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