Success Of Organic Apple Farming Essay

Success Of Organic Apple Farming Essay

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Success in organic apple farming is largely based on location within North America. Although, with significantly different production strategies between the eastern and western United States progress is still continuing to be made even with the major hurdles that eastern farmers must make to turn around a decent size crop for the season. For example, in the east organic production is complicated by a plethora of disease, pests and weeds due to the higher humidity as well as the increase of rainfall that directly supports a greater insect and mite population. As states by Dr. Ian Merwin of Cornell University at the First National Organic Tree Fruit Research Symposium (Grand Junction, CO, May 31-June 1, 2001): “At Present, it is extremely difficult and prohibitively expensive to produce organic tree fruits in eastern North America, even with a substantial market premium. Growers have found it difficult to market the more disease resistant tree fruit varieties in competition with mainstream varieties. Considering the pest management advantages in combination with the western states more centralized packing, and marketing operations, lower climatic variability and risks, cheap water and transportation, and a history of regional cooperation in support of research and marketing.” According to Dr. Ian Merwin the Western states have a distinct advantage for organic production due to the location of the farms receiving enough rainfall to support tree growth but not too much rainfall that it will increase pests, disease, and mites that have been shown to dramatically decrease the healthy yield that the Eastern states must fight to maintain. Due to the humidity and larger amount of rainfall in the east farmers are required to spray as many a...

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...y organic farmers in the east have a much better chance to increase their crop yield and turn a larger profit from the trees due to better pest management and the help the film provides to plants including increased photosynthesis as well as reduces the stress the plant goes through in excessively hot climates. Although, the particle film does not protect the trees from disease it is a great asset to the organic farmers when it comes to pest suppression and unlike conventional non-organic farmers use of toxic pesticides the particle film is completely non-toxic to animals and humans and adds additional benefits to support the growth of the trees. A Michigan State study revealed that the use of Surround™ the previous season increased return bloom in the following season. With the recent research on Surround™ will it have any benefits over conventional toxic pesticides?

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