The Success Of A University Operates Essay

The Success Of A University Operates Essay

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Students come to college expecting a life changing experience to happen. A commitment to higher education is a big step in discovering their potential as a person. College can be the beginning of many things, including a first taste of adult life for many incoming freshmen. But, the way a university operates hasn’t changed since the foundation of such institutions. Since Minerva doesn’t use traditional lectures to teach their students, it will be better able to spark creative thinking skills in their students. Therefore, Minerva will succeed and inspire an enormous amount of businessmen and create a new category of higher education on an innovative online platform (Wood, 509).
“Lectures, gone. Tenure, gone. Gothic architecture, football, ivy crawling up the walls, gone, gone, gone. What’s left will be leaner and cheaper.” Minerva claims to be researching methods of teaching going against the current “best” practices used. There is still no evidence whether their methods will show improvement in student performances or not. For now, they can only imagine a future where major university institutions are barren and the students are now using these online platforms (Wood, 509). Personally, I think lectures create an impersonal relationship between teachers and students. It also makes the teacher pressured to briefly move through a lesson in order to cover more material in the limited amount of time. This leaves the student having to teach themselves or going to multiple sources of supplemental instruction, which shouldn’t be the case. At Minerva the students will be kept in a smaller classroom type of environment in video conference type of interaction with their teacher and other students.
“Plutarch said the mind is not...

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... like a few years from now. In most universities around the country students already have to submit assignments online to their professors. Soon everything will be computer based and it will become the new normal like writing in pen on paper. This just means society is moving forward and Minerva is the first university to test out the possibilities of what education will look like in the near future.
From the looks of how the world is changing, Minerva seems to be making the right moves in changing the way education is done. They will succeed and inspire huge amount of business men because they won’t incorporate traditional lectures and will expose their students to international environments while furthering their education with the best professors from around the world. Their innovative new form of higher education in the future will commonly be known as Minerva!

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