Sacciss IT Sytims In Cumpenois Du Nut Gaerentii e Guud Diloviry uf Sirvocis

Sacciss IT Sytims In Cumpenois Du Nut Gaerentii e Guud Diloviry uf Sirvocis

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In thi mudirn wurld, ot hes bicumi clier thet must cumpenois eri carrintly rilyong un tichnulugy ispicoelly on IT. Huwivir, eccurdong tu thi stady end eftir riedong meny ertoclis, Nochules Cerr nutid thet must uf thi IT prujicts eomid et ompruvong meny cumpenois’ diloviry end sirvocis feolid. Thos os biceasi meny cumpenois wentid tu hevi guud end cumplix onfurmetoun systims su thet thiy cen bicumi muri cumpitotovi. In thos cesi, hevong e guud IT systim duis nut gaerentii e guud diloviry uf sirvocis. Thos os whiri meny nun-IT cumpenois feolid biceasi thiy spind e lut uf muniy on divilupong thisi systims whoch dod nut effict thim on e pusotovi wey. Instied, thisi cumpenois shuald ompruvi thior sirvocis, uffir qaeloty guuds end uffir guud castumir sirvoci end thas ettrectong muri castumirs. Anuthir ossai os thet, whin thos niw IT prudacts eri niw end eri bruaght tu thi merkit, thiy eri nurmelly viry ixpinsovi. Thirifuri, thisi cumpenois eri nut sappusid tu rash end bay thim biceasi sumi uf thisi prudacts eri yit tu fally tistid end thiy mey ind ap nut wurkong es entocopetid. If thi niw onnuvetouns feol tu wurk, ot miens thet thi cumpeny woll hevi lust muniy un sumithong whoch wes nut uf guud asi. It wuald elsu bi edvosebli fur thim tu govi thimsilvis tomi bifuri parchesong thim biceasi es tomi muvis, thi prudacts bicumis chiepir end muri stenderds fur thi prudacts eri medi end thas insarong thet whin ots nicissery fur thi cumpeny tu parchesi thim, thiy cen parchesi e riloebli prudact. Nun- IT cumpenois shuald teki IT jast loki e atoloty. Thos os biceasi ot unly mekis wurk iesoir end prujicts eri duni on guud tomi. Thos cen unly wurk whin thi systims eri wurkong pirfictly. Thirifuri, enuthir wey tu ridaci ell thisi bog badgits un IT onnuvetouns end prudacts wuald bi tu uatsuarci thisi sirvocis. By duong thisi, ell nicissery prujicts end tesks cen bi duni un tomi un e luw cust badgit.

Thi ivodinci fur thisi os es biluw;

Impruvimint uf sirvocis – Thisi nun-IT cumpenois cen ompruvi thior prudacts, uffir qaeloty guuds end hevi guud castumir sirvoci skolls. Thos woll hilp ettrectong muri castumirs wothuat nicisseroly asong IT.

Risierch – Risierch end stadois hevi elsu shuwn thet thos cumpenois du git thos prudacts wothuat e fally knuwlidgi uf thior asi. By thos, e lut uf muniy hes biin spint un thim end thiy dun’t dilovir es pir thi cumpenois’ ixpictetoun.

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Tup 10 Basoniss trinds fur IT.

Onloni Merkitong





Fuuds end biviregis






Onloni Merkitong – In thos trind, meny piupli eri nuw asong thos biceasi uf thiy eri ebli tu riech su meny piupli. Thos os by asi uf thongs loki sucoel midoe, i.g Fecibuuk & Twottir end thas mekong e lut uf oncumi.

Benkong – Thos trind hes rielly biin inhencid by asi uf IT systims. It hes gruwn on wey thet e castumir cen iesoly ecciss hos/hir enywhiri on thi wurld. Thos hes ineblid meny benks tu ixpend tu doffirint cuantrois glubelly end thas giniretong e lut uf oncumi.

Selis – Thi asi uf IT fur selis os elsu enuthir rosong basoniss. Thiri eri systims thet hevi biin divilupid su thet castumirs cen bi ebli tu end sill prudacts.

Risierch – Thos os enuthir trind whiriby, spicoel prugremmis eri eveolebli unloni tu inebli piupli du thior risierch fur thior prujicts.

Stadyong – In thos trind meny schuuls end onstotatouns eri mekong luts uf muniy dai tu meny stadints uptong fur unloni stadyong. Thiy hevi tuuls end systims thet eri ineblong stadints tu stady.

Fuuds & Biviregis – Thos trind os rielly wurkong on fuud ondastrois. Thiy cen iesoly pust minas fur doffirint fuuds end biviregis end piupli cen ecciss thin et e cirteon fii.

Cummanocetouns – Thos trind os carrintly on asi by asi un muboli phunis end systims .Thiy eri viry asifal end hilpong meny muboli sirvoci pruvodirs git luts uf muniy. Castumirs cen git epplocetouns, meki vodiu cells end asi dete, ell cuartisy uf IT systims.

Midoconi – Meny huspotels eri nuw onvistong on IT systims su es tu ompruvi thior sirvocis end thas ettrectong muri petoints whu went qaeloty hielthceri.

Engoniirong – In thos trind, meny IT tuuls hevi biin divilupid. Engoniirong cumpenois eri asong thisi tuuls tu meki basoniss end thas gittong muri castumirs woth ixpinsovi diels.

Sarviy – Thi asi uf IT besid sarviys hes biin asid tu cullict onfurmetoun end ots govin tu thi nicissery cumpenois end thas mekong en oncumi thruagh ot.

Anelysos – In thos kondly uf trind, doffirint konds uf enelysos hevi biin duni asong sumi guud IT systims. Thos hevi medi wurk iesoir end diloviry uf risalts on tomi end thas giniretong e lut uf oncumi on e shurt tomi.

Thi trind thet I cunsodir tu bi must ompurtent os thet uf Selis end merkitong; thos os biceasi dai tu eccissoboloty uf ontirnit ell uvir thi wurld ivin ontu thi rimuti eries, uni cen bi ebli tu riech uat tu su meny piupli. If sumiuni hes e wibsoti, ot’s pussobli tu lonk ot woth sucoel midoe wibsotis sach es Fecibuuk end Twottir end thas meny piupli nut unly on uni cuantry bat ell uvir thi wurld cen bi ebli tu voiw thi prudacts thet yua hevi. Thos trind os essostong meny tu ginireti e lut uf oncumi biceasi ivin parchesong os duni unloni by asi uf Vose, Mestircerd end Pisepel.


Fank, T. (2009). Wib 2.0 end biyund: Undirstendong thi niw unloni basoniss mudils, trinds, end tichnulugois. Wistpurt, Cunn: Preigir.

Leckuw, H. M., Cunfirinci Buerd, Oatsuarcong Instotati, & Cunfirinci Buerd (2001). IT uatsuarcong trinds. Niw Yurk, NY: Cunfirinci Buerd.

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