Essay on Success Is Not The Key For Success

Essay on Success Is Not The Key For Success

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While growing up, I have often been told to be successful at what I do. Success is what drives human beings to achieve greatness. But what does it mean to be successful? Many people would say that being successful is being good at a task, but success can mean something different to everybody. To me, being successful is loving what I do, staying positive even if failing at first, and feeling a sense of pride or accomplishment when finished.
“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” This quote by Herman Cain, an author and radio host, which properly explains how I view success. It is my mom that distilled in me from a very young age that being successful means to love what I do, and she has encouraged me to always do so. She has always told me that if something is not necessary and I do not enjoy it, not to do it. Even if it is just to stop reading an unenjoyable book or a future career choice.
My mom has always told me that money should not determine the value of success, although that is how most people view success. Most of the success synonyms online pertain to wealth or prosperity. Too many people only view success as having the most money or the best gadgets that just came out, which is a toxic viewpoint to have for success. Many artists, musicians, and even writers that do what they enjoy doing with not much income have more success to me than the people that have a great deal of money. Being successful can just mean reaching a simple goal, or the feeling attained after finishing a difficult task. Even smaller tasks can also be considered successes such as getting a high grade on a test that was studied meticulously for. Not all successes...

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...s, Gates, and Hershey were not so prideful that they stopped right after their first large success; their first success just motivated them to continue working. Pride is mostly a positive emotion and helps to further motivate people to move toward new accomplishments and successes.
The true meaning of success to me is the ability to have an enjoyable life; one that is worth living, even if failing at first. Failure can assist in short and long term motivation. Accomplishment and pride are better rewards than wealth and prosperity are. Money should not influence how successful a person seems; because success does not depend on how much money is being made or the tangible items, but the feeling received after the success. In the end, true success can only be found by doing what one truly loves and makes them extraordinarily happy, rather than money and tangible goods.

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