Success Is Everyone 's Ultimate Goal Essay

Success Is Everyone 's Ultimate Goal Essay

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Success is everyone’s ultimate goal. In today’s day and age, every country wants in the fight of being the best of the best. This mindset of becoming the superlative holds a lot of value to a country’s leaders as they believe it will lead them and their people to be the front-runners of the world. Education has long been an area in which countries feel indicates how successful they are and will be. As a result, educators continue to use a variety of methods to ensure that their country’s children are receiving a superior education. France, while not as widely known as Japan or the United States, continues to fight to offer the best educational system in the world. In hopes to achieve this objective, French educators have allowed their schools to become a very competitive and goal-oriented environment. Furthermore, much emphasis has been placed on finding highly qualified teachers and identifying ways to improve education, such as revising the scheduling of class time.
When it comes to education in France, the phrase “competition brings out the best in us” is truly evident. For students, parents, and teachers, education is seen as an opportunity for one to challenge themselves and see what they can do. Unlike most other countries, free universal pre-kindergarten is a reality in France with virtually all three-year-olds (and even many two-year-olds from low-income backgrounds) are enrolled into an écoles maternelles, or pre-school (OECD 328). While in pre-school, students learn various skills including writing, working together, expressing emotions, and understanding the world (OECD 330). Pre-school in France is considered essential as it is a building block for what is to come. Later on in a student’s academic career,...

... middle of paper ... and paying teachers is very fair and in turn better benefits students. Teaching is arguably the most important profession this world as it prepares our youth with the opportunity to lead successful lives and keep society functioning. By enforcing such strict policies to become a teacher and giving teachers an above-average salary, we can ensure that well-qualified people are around our children. Finally, while many parents and community leaders remain opposed to class on Wednesdays, I believe that having a five-day week would better benefit students. I believe that having school five days a week will better prepare students for the real world and it will better balance out the curriculum. A possible compromise I could see is if schools want to have a shortened day on Wednesday so students still have time for their other obligations. Concluding sentences here.

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