Success in The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls Essay

Success in The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls Essay

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What is the source of your success? My own definition of success is about overcoming my obstacles and hardships. If I can’t overcome the obstacles and hardships along the way, then I will try again so that I am more prepared and have the right knowledge. I want to meet obstacles and hardships because I want to feel the pleasure of success when I overcome them. In order for me to overcome and embrace hardships, I need to find the missing link, have the right knowledge, and practice effective time management.
Encouragement plays a significant role in my success. Without encouragement, the achievement won't come true. Juliet Ferking, the author of "A Drive to Achieve the Extraordinary" from This I Believe: Life Lessons, tells her story about how she succeeds at things that normal people don't. No matter what people say, she achieved big things in her life. Her only encouragement are those who actually supported her (Ferking). My connection to Ferking's essay is that without the encouragement that my family and friends are giving me, I wouldn't have the motivation to pursue my degree to have a good career. Even if other people ridicule my choice of degree, I won't succumb to their words.
If everyone thinks that without struggle, it is easy to obtain their goals that is entirely false. Struggle comes from the progress of our success and achievement. It is an indication that we poured all of our time and patience into the things we pursue. Jeannette Walls, the author of The Glass Castle, explain her struggles. She survives by finding foods from the trash can and earns money by babysitting, exchanging scrap metal, finding jobs, and from her parents. As a graduating student from high school, receiving my diploma is an indication that I ...

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...ut fun, I'm stressing my mind too much. Austin Dopp and Thomas Parish created an ABC journal about how to succeed in college. They mentioned that students need to study but also take a break and be ready to learn and pay attention (Dopp, Austin, Parish). Powers and Swick mention in tip seven, celebrate small accomplishments along the way, is that you should celebrate your small accomplish like tests, quiz, and finishing you semester.
Therefore, I need to strengthen my knowledge so I won't have missing links, have the right knowledge for any situation I encounter, and master the use of time management. I need these skills to become a successful student and pierce through the obstacle I came across. It is important for me to keep remembering these because not only they will help me become a successful student, it would also make me a great individual in the future.

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