Subway 's Current Franchising Process Essay

Subway 's Current Franchising Process Essay

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Subway Report

Executive Summary
This report has examined the current franchising process in which Subway adhere to, while also indicating to subway that they could improve their franchising method by monitoring and controlling franchisees operations, while providing assistance and support throughout. Moreover, this report highlights the cultural challenges, such as; legal systems, laws and regulations, language barriers and the cultural differences with regard to Subways menu. Lastly, the recommended alternative approach Subway can use in conjunction with franchising, in order to gain a competitive advantage, is to export their products into supermarkets overseas.

As consultants to Jim Bryant, this report will examine the current franchising process in which Subway adhere to, while also indicating how the current procedure can be improved. Moreover, the report will highlight the cultural challenges Subway face when franchising and how to successfully, and efficiently overcome these challenges. Lastly, we will recommend alternative approaches in which Subway can adopt in place of franchising in order to gain a competitive advantage within the intense market.

Company Background
Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca, with the first store being opened in Connecticut, 1965. Since then the company has grown into a successful multi-billion pound worldwide business, currently with 42,995 outlets in 108 countries. Subway opened its first store within the UK in Brighton, 1996 and opened its first international restaurant in Bahrain in 1984. (Subway 2014).
Subway is a health conscious fast food franchise that specialises and primarily sells fresh submarine sandwiches, along with salads and a range of side orders including...

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...n additional market entry strategy, reinforcing Subways brand internationally.

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