Essay on Subway Is An American Fast Food Restaurant Franchise

Essay on Subway Is An American Fast Food Restaurant Franchise

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Subway is an American fast food restaurant franchise founded by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck in 1965. Throughout the years, the company has gained substantial amount of growth in franchises and has become one of the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world. Subway continues to display fierce commitment to provide a wide range of taste, healthier food choices while considering environmental footprint and creating a positive influence in the communities they serve. The objective of this report is to investigate and identify how Subway competes in the market through identifying the main performance objectives and examining the measures implemented within the operation, in order to maintain their desired level of performance. It will explore further on the control methods implemented by Subway to obtain the desired level of performance and provide any recommendations for improvements.
1.1 Objectives
This report will be explored into three significant parts:

• Performance objectives - outline the company’s main performance objectives
• Control methods – examine the designs and control methods set out to achieve their targeted level of performance of the company.
• Analysis and recommendation – exploring the effectiveness of the control methods and provide suitable and appropriate recommendations/strategies
1.2 Methodology

Qualitative method of research was conducted in order to collect and acquire necessary information for the report. Specifically, a telephone interview was held with Subway’s Franchisee and Development Administrator of south-west region, Stuart House (Appendix 1). Also, an interview was conducted with the Bristol restaurant manager of Subway, Abbeywood Retail Park, Jordon Maynard (Appendix 2). The data obtai...

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...of staff is working and learning in the real work environment (Slack and Lewis, 2015). The manager of Subway restaurant, Maynard (2015) said in the interview how during the recruitment process, it is imperative for a new recruit to go through an intensive quality training program. Subway provides thorough training to the employees which focuses on maintaining high standard of food safety and delivering quality service to the customers through friendliness and care, which is linked with the ‘service quality and its factors’ (Silvestro & Johnston, 1990). It is mandatory for Subway to ensure all the employees understand the value of quality in products and services it provides and serves to their customers. Maynard (2015) said employees will be accompanied and guided by a team leader in order to assist and be there as a mentor to show the process around the restaurant.

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