Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Centers Essay

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Centers Essay

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Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Centers
According to the National Institutes of Health, substance abuse costs the government over 600 billion dollars every year (“Best in Treatment.”). Consequently, substance abuse and addiction are not something to take lightly. Addiction to substances is very serious brain disease that affects both the brain and the body. Addiction is considered to be a chronic disease, in the same way asthma is, that needs to be treated in the long-term in order to help individuals to be able to fully recover (“The Truth About “Rehab” & Drug Addiction.”). Although the path of addiction may begin with the initial decision of using a substance, after so long, the individual’s ability to say “no” diminishes. Substance abuse and addiction requires treatment, and while there are many rehabilitation centers all around the United States, there are many different approaches used to treat addiction, as well as new discoveries on the different treatment options, and problems with relapse throughout the recovery process.
There were 23.2 million people over the age of twelve that needed substance abuse treatment in the year 2001, but only 2.4 million people actually got the treatment they needed, leaving about 20 million people without any treatment at all. The problem with so many people not getting the help they need is many of these individuals do not admit to having a problem in the first place (“The Truth About “Rehab” & Drug Addiction.”). The Treatment Episode of Data Set reports that there were about 1.8 million people admitted for treatment of substance abuse to facilities in 2008. About 41% of those admissions were due to alcohol addiction, about 60% of the admissions were Caucasian, and 14.8% were between the ...

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