Essay on Substance Abuse And Substance Addiction

Essay on Substance Abuse And Substance Addiction

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Substance abuse and substance addiction are somewhat difficult to distinguish. In my opinion, substance abuse relates to the use of a drug or alcohol despite negative consequences or potentially dangerous and harmful outcomes. I feel that substance abuse transitions to addiction when tolerance to the substance develops, as well as when discontinuation of the substance elicits physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. The term addiction generates an idea of extreme social, occupational or relational dysfunction. Some addictions, such as caffeine addiction, are not as severe or life damaging as others, such as methamphetamine addiction. Thus, in my mind, addictions such as caffeine addiction is the milder addiction.
My personal experience with drug and alcohol use, abuse, and addiction is limited, notwithstanding personal use of taking medication as prescribed, the occasional alcoholic beverage and caffeine use. The only personal experience related to drug abuse and addiction that comes to mind involves an ex-family member related by marriage, who will be referred to as Bill. I was unaware of Bill’s prescription opioids addiction until after he had left my husband’s family. However, Bill had always exhibited abnormal behavior, such as loud, inappropriate conversation in public areas, a tendency toward manipulation, clumsy and unbalanced mannerisms, dazed and blunted affect, and other bizarre behaviors. I now assume, given the knowledge about Bill’s addiction, that this was due in part to him being high a majority of the time. The aftermath of Bill’s involvement with my husband’s family was extraordinarily destructive not only to the family member Bill was married to, but also to the relationships of the spouse to all other f...

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... person to continue in their addiction or members of these groups are in active addiction themselves, then building a supportive network outside of family and friends may be a more sensible goal. The only goal that comes to mind that could be universal in therapy is assisting the client in understanding that addiction does not define who they are as a person. As I said previously, my personal knowledge of substance addiction is limited at and my professional knowledge is strictly from textbooks. My current internship placement with the Next Door focuses on a population that is saturated with drug and alcohol related issues. My hope is that as I work with this population I will become more knowledgeable and competent as a counselor in working with drug and alcohol treatment, as well as, I hope to refine my viewpoint of substance use, abuse, and addiction.

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