Substance Abuse And Mental Illness Essay

Substance Abuse And Mental Illness Essay

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A Review of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness
Substance use is very common among people diagnosed with mental illness. This paper will examine the results of two studies by Shi (2014) and by Ortiz-Gomez et al. (2014). Both these studies examine substance use among individuals diagnosed with depression.
In conducting a study Shi (2014) examined the relationship between marijuana and depression. Shi (2014) examined the risk and quit behavior among adults living with depression or a serious psychological distress in comparison with those who do not. He also examined the relationship between Marijuana use and the time of diagnosis (how recent). “The purpose of this article deepen our understanding of the relationship between marijuana use and mental health problems, improve the screening for high risk marijuana use subgroups, and provide guidance in the treatment development of the targeted population” (Shi, 2014).
The 39,133 participants were non-institutionalized adults from the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The participants age ranges were between 18 and 65. Shi (2014) study represent the same findings of previous studies. As stated by Shi (2014) “This study attempts to examine the disparity in marijuana use characteristics by depression or SPD status. Based on the large and representative NSDUH 2011 data, the findings of this study support previous research that adults with depression or SPD are significantly more likely to report marijuana use in their lifetime or the past year than are adults without these symptoms” (Shi, 2014). While conducting his study, he found that individuals with depression or a serious psychological distress were more likely to admit to using or abusing marijuana within their lifetime. ...

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...ez et al. (2014). This recommendation is important because substance use is very common with people diagnosed with depression.
In conclusion, the research presented in both studies is important and helpful. The Shi (2014) study proved that there is a relationship between substance use and depression. The Ortiz-Gomez et al. (2014) study showed that some individuals diagnosed with depression may have a genetic predisposition to their illness. I found both these facts interesting and helpful because a lot of the individuals I work with have a substance use disorders and understanding the reasoning behind it is beneficial to their recovery. As a PsyR provider having this knowledge can assist you when working with individuals with co-occurring disorder. By learning and understanding the reasoning for substance use we can better the outcomes of their recovery.

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