Essay about Substance Abuse Among Nurses And Alcohol Abuse

Essay about Substance Abuse Among Nurses And Alcohol Abuse

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Substance Abuse among Nurses
In the article Substance Abuse among Nurses, we are informed about an issue that is important to not only health care workers, but to society in general. This article focuses on health care workers, specifically nurses, who are abusing drugs and alcohol. We are informed about the dangerous of abusing drugs and alcohol before, during and after work. Although abusing drugs and alcohol anywhere and anytime is a concern, this article focuses on nurses at work, who are abusing substances. At the beginning of the article we are given the example of a nurse who was using pain medications for her own purposes instead of administering them to the patient as ordered. By what was written we can assume that the patient nearly died because of this nurse who was not giving the right medications to the patient. This article explains why nurses abuse drugs and alcohol, how to notice signs of abuse and what to do if you believe that someone is abusing substances. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, as healthcare workers it is important for us to not only care for our patients, but to also look out for our coworkers as well (Talbert, J. J. 2009).
Ethical Issue:
When dealing with substance abuse amongst nurses, neglect is one possible ethical issue involved. Negligence in the healthcare field is known as the failure to care for a patient properly. For example, the short scenario in this article gave us the example of a nurse named Tammy. Everything came together when another nurse realized that for the past few months Tammy wasn’t doing a really good job caring for her patients. It mentioned that Tammy was more irritable and disappeared often. The ethical issue of neglect comes into place here because if T...

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...s struggling then it impacts all of us. I chose this topic because it really hits home for me. My cousin was a health care worker and sadly she was abusing substances as well. My cousin had a great heart and loved helping others, but the more she became addicted to drugs the more impact it had on the way she cared for her patients. Sadly at the end my cousin lost not only her job, but her life as well. It is hard to understand why people get addicted to drugs, but it is even harder to understand why they don’t want to get help. I saw my cousin’s life fall to pieces and no matter how much my family and I tried to help it just was never enough. As a future nurse I will remember to be there for not only my patients, but my coworkers as well. As mentioned before no one is perfect, but if we all stick together then we can help those people in need (Talbert, J. J. (2009).

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