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Marvel Comics: Vol. 1; 1 (October, 1939)
“Here is the Sub-Mariner”

A salvage diver of the S.S. Salvage vessel is working a wreck for treasure when he finds an ancient knife and brings down another diver.
They search the wreckage and then they are attacked by Namor, the Sub-Mariner.
He savagely attacks men, stabbing one and crushing the diving helmet of the other.
Namor then turns his attention to the ship, wrecking the propeller and running it aground.
He heads back to his underwater home, where he is greeted by the Holy One who commends him on his attack against the humans.
Namor brings the bodies of the two divers as trophies. His mother, Fen, congratulates him on beginning his war of revenge in such a decisive manner.
Namor asks her to tell him the story of their past once again, and why their people hate the white Earth Men so much.
She explains that in the year 1920, a research vessel called the Oracle had journeyed to Antarctica and was doing experiments with explosives that killed many of their fellow citizens. Since Fen looked most like a human, she was sent to find out more about what was going on.
She fell in love with Captain Leonard McKenzie, and she became pregnant by him.
The sailors could not understand how she was able to swim in the freezing water.
She learned their language and sent back messages to the undersea army that the white Earth Men were too strong for them, but they sent an army to fight them anyway.
The white men annihilated the attack force, and now, twenty years later, they are ready once again to press an attack against them, and Namor will begin this war. Later, he takes his cousin Dorma with him to make an attack on the Cape Anna Lighthouse. Once there, they attack t...

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...and tells him how he would love to meet Captain America. That same night, when Bucky visits Steve’s tent, he discovers that Steve is Captain America. Knowing Steve’s secret, Steve makes Bucky his partner.

“Case No. 2”

Tickets are being sold for the performance of the psychics, Sando (Von Krantz) and Omar, for only ten cents each. On stage, Sando looks into the eyes of a dwarfed Omar.
Sando asks Omar what he thinks is to come and his prediction of a terrible accident at Fort Bix is projected onto a crystal ball. At that very instant Fort Bix is shaken by a terrific blast. Meanwhile, Steve and Bucky are reading about the psychics in the newspaper.
Bucky thinks they are phony and the two decide to visit the theater. Yet again, the weird performance is repeated while Steve and Bucky are in the audience. This time, Omar sees Hilltown bridge collapsing.

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