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Subliminal Perception

Subliminal Perception is a signal or message embedded in another object, designed to pass below the normal limits of perception. These messages are indiscernible by the conscious mind, but allegedly affect the subconscious or deeper mind. Subliminal techniques have occasionally been used in advertising, but the purpose, effectiveness and frequency of such techniques is debated. It is proven though that stimulation below the level of a person’s conscious awareness can be shown to have on some aspects of behavior. Following my research regarding, subliminal perception, I came to the conclusion that it is used in advertising, but I am not sure to what extent.
Companies such as KFC and McDonald’s use subliminal perception embedded with food and money, but the vast majority of subliminal messaging campaigns use “sex” for awareness.
After flipping through a dozen or more magazines, something seemed different about the Harley Davidson advertisement that was in front of me. Although it was not clear to me at first, the word “Sex” became very noticeable to me. I believe that it is a long shot, that this may just be a coincidence. Beginning with the capital S, and going horizontal, lays the subconscious word.
This print advertisement came from Maxim Magazine, and there is an abundance of previous information linking Maxim and Harley Davidson to Subliminal advertising.

Classical Conditioning

Classical conditioning in everyday life is extremely common. In the area of consumer behavior, classical conditioning primarily influences emotional behavior. Classical Conditioning is defined as, a process by which a neutral stimulus becomes capable of eliciting a res...

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... with this advertisement, utilizing a young married couple that is moving into the same household. Further, the ad says, “Into any relationship a little reality must fall, like agreeing on a budget.” This is clearly targeted towards newly married couple’s, which share buyer influence.

Generational Influence

The method of marketing to a specific generation is affecting the way that we market and sell products. Different generations have different consumer characteristics, and this allows marketer’s to target specific segments. There are four common generational categories that marketing focuses on. They include:
• Grey Market, currently 66+ years old
• Boomers, currently 49-66 years old
• GenXers, currently 28-48 years old
• Millennials, currently 7-27 years old
To succeed using generational marketing, a meaningful message must be delivered

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