Essay on Subject Matter Of Nursing Science

Essay on Subject Matter Of Nursing Science

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1. Subject matter of Nursing Science
According to Orem, nursing science is a practical science, in that knowledge is developed for the direct purpose of nursing practice itself (Barbara, 2011). The goal of nursing science is to look for an understanding of the actual realities that are concerning to nurses and the nursing practice (Orem, 2001). We can do this through both research and producing scholarly articles. “Nursing science is the science of which knowledge is developed for the sake of the work to be done” (Barbara, 2011, p. 44). Without the nursing science as the backbone of nursing, the nursing practice would seize to exist, or at least have difficulty staying alive. Nursing science offers nurses the knowledge, skills and competency to develop order and direction in their nursing care (Malinowski, 2002). Models of case studies, rules and standards of practice along with the various technologies, are also part of the nursing science, we as nurses need to know how, why and when we do the things that we do in nursing. For example, we as nurses know how to take vital signs (nursing practice), but when implementing nursing science, we are able to interpret those results and ask ourselves critical thinking questions, such as “are these values within normal limits?” and “what should my next approach be to maintain or reduce any abnormal values?” Nursing science can also provide us with what to do when faced with a clinical situation we may have yet to encounter, by having the knowledge and skills we can apply those strengths to the situation in hand.

2. Conceptual Central Concerns of Nursing
Nursing is based on the idea of holistic, empathetic and culturally sensitive care to all patients and their family members (Mal...

... middle of paper ... always be the focus of care and to make sure the patient’s values are understood and needs met. I hope to work alongside other healthcare professionals and deliver the best care to patients. Nursing is something I plan to practice with kindness, competence and compassion, in an effort to improve the health of my future patients. This information and these personal values will serve as a template for my personal standards of being a nurse and my views of the nursing practice and nursing science. Nightingale referred to her work as her “must.” And she asks us “what is your must?” (Dossey, 2010, pg. 57). We as nurses, whether we are just beginning our journey as a student nurse, an experienced nurse, or those who plan on perusing a career in nursing, need to never lose sight of what our patient’s are worth, if we lose that, can we really call ourselves “nurses?”

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