The Subject For This Case Study Will Go By Sarah. Sarah Essay

The Subject For This Case Study Will Go By Sarah. Sarah Essay

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The subject for this case study will go by the pseudonym Sarah. Sarah is eleven years old and was born on October 3, 2004 in Philadelphia, PA. When she was almost six years old, her family moved to Wheaton, IL because her father changed jobs. Sarah is the youngest child in her family, and she has two brothers, ages 15 and 22, and two sisters, ages 13 and 19. Because of her parents’ gift of hospitality, Sarah is accustomed to being around many people who are not her family. Her family is middle to upper class financially, and her ethnic heritage is mostly Swedish and Dutch. Sarah’s parents are married to each other; her mother holds a master’s degree, and her father holds a Ph.D. Sarah is the youngest sister of my roommate, and I conducted all observations and interviews at their house with Sarah and her mother.
Sarah is in the middle childhood stage of biosocial development. She is starting to become more self-sufficient, but she is not yet experiencing body changes due to puberty. Sarah has the ability to focus on a specific task at hand while blocking out other distractions. This behavior of selective attention, as Berger (2015) describes it, was noticeable during both natural observations and in my interview with her. One reason Sarah has developed this selective attention is because her parents frequently invite family friends and college students over to their home. Sarah is used to a high-energy environment so she has learned how to tune out distractions in order to focus on whatever task is at hand. Because Sarah is often around many people who are not her family, she has been able to develop appropriate social behaviors and remain on track with her biosocial development. Even though Sarah does not get a large amount of ...

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...rst level of moral reasoning. She falls in the first level of pre-conventional morality and is in the first stage of that level. Sarah evaluates moral decisions based on right and wrong. I determined that Sarah is at this level by describing to her the Heinz’s dilemma and giving her the option of how the story should end (Ormrod, 2014, p. 82). She responded that the character in the story should not break the law because it is wrong. Even though in the story someone’s life was at stake, Sarah said breaking the law is still wrong. It is typical for someone of Sarah’s age to be in this first stage of moral reasoning. Sarah’s family and their values also influence her moral development. Sarah has grown up around Evangelical Christians and in the church for her entire life. This Christian upbringing is one reason Sarah judges situations on what is right and what is wrong.

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