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Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Incorporated Essay

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Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Incorporated
Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc (SIA) is a division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd (FHI), a company that dates its origins to the turn of the century. Subaru, FHI’s automotive division, has always done things differently, when most other car companies used the basic vertically configured engine and rear wheel drive, Subaru was first to mass produce cars with the horizontal engine and front wheel drive followed by all-wheel drive and now Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc is even reinventing the way vehicles are manufactured and recycled.
FHI has a long history dating back to 1917 when Chikuhei Nakajima founded The Aircraft Research Laboratory, then it was reorganized in 1932 and was renamed the Nakajima Aircraft Company, Ltd (NAC) a major producer of aircraft for Japan in the years leading up to and during World War II (Subaru of America, n.d.). After Japan's defeat and occupation, aircraft production was forbidden by the Supreme Commander of Allied Powers, as a result, many of the aeronautical engineers started to work in the automobile industry (Odagiri, 1996, p. 216). NAC again reorganized and became Fuji Sangyo Company, Ltd (FCS), and began producing the Fuji Rabbit Motor Scooter. In 1950, due to the Corporate Credit Rearrangement Act, FCS was required to separate into 12 smaller corporations. On July 15, 1953, five of those corporations: a coachbuilder, an engine manufacturer, a chassis builder, a trading company, and a scooter manufacturer, merged to form what is known today as Fuji Heavy Industries. (Subaru of America, n.d.) In 1954, FHI began production of automobiles. The president of the company Kenji Kita searched for a Japa...

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