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From the Discus to World of Warcraft all games have value, they have been played for thousands of years, and with the advent of digital media, have become ever more prevalent in our society. Much like what was once thought of movies, games are often dismissed as a form of artistic expression. Lacking this widespread acceptance, the study of games and their effects on our lives is somewhat lacking. Games provide incredible possibilities for artistic expression, and contain the potential to expand our academic understanding. This means that games are art, and have become so wide spread that they should be studied academically.
To be sure, literature is one of the most popular artistic forms that we have in our society. Novels have complex plots with deep interesting characters, can bring forth a wide range of emotions, and tell a story envisioned by the author. Film was the next step from literature. It introduced new and exciting visual elements to what already existed. Games continue with this trend and add more elements to film. Namely games add the ability to tell a unique story to everyone who plays it. The vehicle for this is known as agency, also known as choice. Simply put games contain the ability to have you be the one to choose how events unfold, making you a participant rather than a spectator. This allows them to explore an even wider range of issues. However even with these elements there are those who disagree.
There are those that proclaim video games are not and cannot be art. One the biggest proponents of this viewpoint in recent years was Roger Ebert. He has been quoted as saying, “No one in or out of the field has ever been able to cite a game worthy of comparison with the great poets, filmmakers, novelists and p...

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