Essay on Studying Language Abroad

Essay on Studying Language Abroad

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0. Studying Language Abroad

Being exposed to a different culture is a great way to learn a certain foreign language. This is why many students are encouraged to study abroad rather than stay in their countries to when it comes to linguistic education. Staying in their classrooms and being supplied with limited amount of information can be rather dull for a student. However, he is bound for an unrestricted learning experience when given the chance to study abroad.

The student will benefit in learning English more by going to an English school in USA. English schools in other countries confine language learning inside the classroom only. Also, the learning manuals are fractional and sometimes, in-comprehensive. Once the students step out of the class, only a small amount of information is gained.

A student in USA will have better chances of learning the language as he will be immersed with the society who truly speaks US English. He will have better probability of developing the correct accent, pronunciation and intonation when it comes to speech. Moreover, the correct spelling, the use of grammar, and other factors will be easily adapted when heard and read. This is because he will be talking to the society who uses this language in their everyday life. Riding a taxi, buying groceries, eating at a restaurant—the student will also be educated in surviving a true American life.

Studying abroad may be more expensive than staying in the country and paying for a language teacher. However, the benefits of learning are worth it. The student will gain more than knowledge in this experience as he will meet new people and live in a new environment. True learning is established when it is applied in an actual experience. Immersion...

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... good to go to a Chinese school and be prepared to memorize special characters which were used in place of ordinary letters. Chinese language is challenging yet one would feel the satisfaction when mastering it.

In relevance to Chinese, Japanese also share some similar concepts. Both languages use special characters in place of letters. However one of the differences is the Japanese have special forms of writing, Hiragana and Katakana, which are used as basics for the language learner. A Japanese school can provide the most comprehensive set of characters and learning tools for one’s study, from beginner to expert learners.

Another interesting language is the Arabic. Impressive calligraphy which denotes a culture with a rich history, it is the most used dialect in the Middle East. A local Arabic school can offer intensive lessons for those who are interested.

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