Studying History of Accessories Essay

Studying History of Accessories Essay

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“Class, today we will be studying about the history of accessories,” my social studies teacher, Mrs. Glutenberg, announced.
“Hooray!” exclaimed all of the girls in the class.
Meanwhile, I leaned back in my seat and was daydreaming. I wondered what made accessories so important that they have a history behind them.
“Ahem. Miss Adelina, put that seat down now! By the way, what is the answer to the question?” asked Mrs.Glutenberg.
Mrs.Glutenberg’s exclamation shook me out of my daydream. I quickly glanced up to see my teacher a few arm lengths away from me.
“Uh, yes Mrs.Glutenberg?” I stammered from my seat. I sheepishly looked around the class to see what we are doing. Not one sign of anything told me what we are doing today in class.
“Adelina, you are going to detention hall right after lunch!” she screeched. “ I expect to see you after lunch first, so I can assign you some work to do.”
“Yes ma’am,” I replied with a sigh. I let my head drop to my shoulders. Another victim of the history whiz, I thought.
A few hours later, I returned to my social studies class. There, Mrs.Glutenberg gave me my work to do in detention room. During the process, she also went into detail about behaving in class. I just nodded every once a while, but other than that, I was still daydreaming.
At about 12:34, she sent me into the detention room. I swept a quick glance over the room for an empty seat. At last, I found an unoccupied desk at the end of the room. The seemed to be avoided. The students sitting beside it had moved their seats well out of range from the empty desk. Mentioning it, I realized why. The desk seemed to be a mythical creature! I let out a heavy sigh and trotted toward the seat.
Thump. I threw my books down at the side of my ...

... middle of paper ...

...s ever wanted to do was stay glued to their electronics.”
“Well, I can’t blame them. Whenever I get home, the first thing I do is get on my laptop,” I informed her. Sheepishly to myself, I giggled at the thought of it.
“I am not that surprised since you are one of your fellow human species. Are you ready for the big truth?” asked Cecily with a solemn voice. She was staring at me with dark eyes that proved the truth was a big deal.
I sat there and thought about it for a second. “If it is that important of a secret, then yes, I am ready to take it in,” I told Cecily. I wiggled around my seat until I got to a comfortable position.
“Once the humans forgot about us, we became a world that is lost. Nobody knows how to get here except for those that are left behind. The chance we were pushed out of the human’s importance, we developed our own way of living. For example, we

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