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Studying Developmental Psychology Essay

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Time goes by so fast, growing up it seemed the day I would graduate from high school was far away and a distant dream. That day is no longer just a dream, but a memory. Walking across the stage on June 3, 2012 is a moment that will be engrained in my heart forever. These changes took place during my time in the Adolescence stage of development. It was defiantly all about me during this stage. I was egocentric but it comes with the time period. It is during this time where I graduated from middle school, high school, celebrated me sweet 16, learned to drive and etc., all huge events in the eyes of an Adolescent. In accordance with Erik Erikson theory of development, it is true that I went through an identify versus confusion stage. I would find myself questioning who I was and why was it that my life was not as easier as those viewed around me. I did not understand why I did not live in a house. I thought that everyone was supposed to live in a house. I also questioned why my family was the only dysfunctional one.
I lived in a two flat and on the top lived my family and I, while the bottom part was my grandmother and five of my cousins up until my first year in high school. My cousins were on my mom’s side of the family and are her nieces and nephews. I knew that my mom’s sister, who I have a hard time calling aunty because she was never there, was their mom but it did not mean anything. She was very young when she first started having kids and because she could not cope with having children, she took to the streets for something to make the situation better. My aunt has been addicted to crack cocaine all of my life. It is one thing to know that it exists but to live with someone with this addition takes a toll on...

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...ychology for a short amount of time. I am finding out all the about the mind and how people think. I don’t know what the future has for me but I feel in my heart that the study of psychology will get me there.
I am reminded everyday about how short life is and to live everyday to the fullest. I truly understood know the meaning of the saying. Life is a gift and we only get one to live. For me the true meaning of living life to the fullest means spending time with those who mean the world to you, doing something outside of your comfort zone, helping others, and just not taking anything in your life for granted because in a blink of an eye it can be gone. Looking back on everything God has granted me made me a believer. A believer that life is a beautiful thing and we should do everything we can to not only improve our on but those surrounding us.

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