Essay on Studying Abroad And Its Effects On College Students

Essay on Studying Abroad And Its Effects On College Students

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Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a college’s students career. For many colleges, having their students can mean an increase in tuition, higher application rates, and overall better reviews by their students. According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, by Scott Olsen, “The Wall Street Journal reported last month that several small colleges are requiring students to pay full tuition even if the programs cost less, setting caps on the amount of financial aid sent abroad, and limiting how many students can participate”(5). Also, Olsen tells us “In the 2003-2004 school year, 7,208 students from Indiana universities went on study-abroad programs, according to the most recent statistics available from the Institute of International Education in Washington, D.C. The amount represents a 10-percent increase from the previous school year and mirrors the growth occurring nationally” (6). Additionally Olsen says “The University of Indianapolis used to forfeit thousands of dollars in tuition from students studying abroad in the shadows of the Acropolis in ancient Greece. That is no longer an issue, however, because U of I assumed full ownership of its branch campus in Athens two years ago from separate management that previously received tuition from students spending a semester there” (1-2). Many students in the United States take part in the study abroad programs that are sent up on most major colleges and universities all around the country. As is clear in, Facts Behind Studying Abroad, written by Emily DeRuy, “283,000 - The record number of students the United States sent abroad last academic year, an increase of about 3 percent. 820,000 - The approximate number of foreign students who studied in the U...

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...uded an increasing number of foreign institutions in the past few years. Marcus Potter, RICS director of developing markets, says that currently the institute has 578 accredited courses, of which 367 are in the UK. He adds: "It hasn 't quite got to being 50:50, but it is going in that direction" (7). “Part of the reason why more foreign institutions are joining the RICS list, Potter says, is simply that most within the UK have already established their accreditation, so the RICS is actively seeking suitable foreign colleges” (8). “The RICS currently has more than 1,500 trainees registered in both Europe and Asia, with 680 in the Middle East and Africa, 259 in Oceania and 196 in the Americas. There are just 10 registered trainees in India, but all these numbers are only likely to get bigger. Globalisation is changing the way we study as well as the way we work.” (12)

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