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Study Questions for class January 25, 2016
The purpose of the questions is to review the readings and to discuss the material in the class. The length of your responses will vary; for an estimate, write about 100 words for each response.
Include your name on your responses. Print two copies, first copy to turn in at the beginning of the class and the second, to keep for our class discussion. These
1. The textbook Allen & Spitzer, pp. 36-37 states that health care is a host setting for social work.
What do you think may be benefits of a social worker practicing in a host setting like health care? What do you think may be the challenges?

The emphasis on prevention, and the opportunity to intervene in the lives of patients and families before major problems occur, is a gratifying aspect of social work in outpatient primary care settings. Social work practice in primary care often cuts across population levels—from individuals to groups to communities—and many social workers find this opportunity for broader impact rewarding. Social workers in specialized medical outpatient settings (e.g., oncology; nephrology; gynecology) acquire cutting-edge medical knowledge, which some consider a unique benefit of these positions. Social workers in all outpatient settings describe working in multi-disciplinary health care teams, in environments that are often fast-paced and stimulating, as among the most rewarding features of the job.
A major challenge of social work in outpatient health care is professional isolation. It is not unusual for outpatient clinics to employ only one social worker. As a result, the demand for social work services in these settings is significant, which can lead to high burnout levels. For these reasons, social...

... middle of paper ... for appointing Power of Attorney, and the process for appointing a health care representative are discussed but I feel most of these are required by applicable laws.
I also found the first two entries of interest in the Patient Responsibilities; Provide a Complete Health History, and Participate in Your Treatment. I suspect that most patients when they arrive in the Hospital or patient facility feel out of place, in a bewildering environment. Providing accurate information under these circumstance would be difficult for the most lucid patients. In addition, participating in your treatment means you must comprehend directions in a very fast paced environment where the language spoken is not familiar. I feel it would be difficult to slow the process down to ask sufficient questions, in enough detail to full understand and completely participate in the treatment.

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