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I am applying to Seoul National University to continue the development of my critical learning skills and to broaden my knowledge base. I feel I am now ready to complete a degree, and understand what is required to function successfully in our environment. I realize that to advance from the world of undergraduate college curriculum to that of an atmosphere of higher education in graduate training, takes much of a prospective graduate student??s time and effort.

Throughout my life, I have worked towards one goal which is to become a doctor. Medicine offers the opportunity for me to integrate different scopes of science while trying to improve human life. Medicine has intrigued me throughout all my life because it??s a never ending mystery and every answer has questions, and vice versa. Upon entering my career, I had assumed that professional and financial success would surely bring personal fulfillment. This realization triggered a process of self-searching that led me to medicine. The commitment to provide others with healthcare is a serious decision for anyone. As I examined my interests and goals, however, I underwent a process of personal growth that has propelled me towards a career as a physician. A career in medicine will allow me to integrate thoroughly my passion for science into a public-service framework. Since childhood, I have loved acquiring scientific knowledge, particularly involving biological processes. During my undergraduate studies, I displayed my ability to juggle competing demands while still maintaining my academic focus; I have succeeded at school while volunteering part time, spending time with family and friends, and working part-time. To better serve my expected patient population, I worked over my English and Korean language skills. I have come to discover that a job and even a good income, without another significant purpose, will not bring satisfaction. I planed to utilize my assets, namely my problem- solving affinity, strong work ethic, and interpersonal commitment, to craft a stimulating, personally rewarding career in medicine. I have taken stock of myself, considering my skills, experiences, and goals. I have looked to family and friends, some of whom are doctors, for advice. Because of this self-examination, I have decided to pursue a career in health care. The process has been difficult at times but always illuminating. Throughout it all, I have never lost confidence - the confidence that I will actively absorb all available medical knowledge, forge friendships with fellow students, and emerge from my training as a skilful and caring physician.

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I know that the road that I take to become a doctor is going to be very challenging; however I feel that my past has prepared me for taking on the challenge. As a student, I am an active participant in my academic and extracurricular activities. My first priority has always been to make good grades and learn in college. Although this is important to me, I also know that by participating in clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities, I will become a well-rounded student. I have been working hard for the last 7 years, operating as an independent, responsible adult. In that time I have constantly learnt from my life experiences and developed skills in both learning and life management. I am a very motivated person with goal setting, time management and prior skills that help me achieve what I aim to do.

What motivates me to pursue university education abroad? Well, the last couple of years have been a long bumpy ride for me, however, the First Tashkent Medical Institute (today called the Tashkent Medical Academy), has encouraged me to continue to learn more about medicine throughout the world that will put me ahead of some things that most students have not learned, because I have a lot to find out. I also want to get Master??s degree abroad because I think that it would help me get a very successful job after I finish my university education. Seoul National University is the best choice for me to continue my study for two main reasons.

First, it will be a boost in my career, as I have a great chance to get better education. I??ve chosen a career as a dermatologist because this area of medicine interests me the most. Unfortunately, education in my hometown could hardly provide me knowledge I hope to get, as students don??t always have up-to-date university facilities available that are crucial for better education. Especially, what concerns clinical cosmetology, then this branch of dermatology is still on its early stage of development in my country. Students only have shallow knowledge about modern technologies of skin correction, such as Mesotherapy, Apparatus cosmetology, Botoux, Contour facial plastic with bio-gel etc. I am eager to obtain profound knowledge of modern achievements in medicine to become a competent physician in the future. Among population in my country the South Korea is considered a leader in apparatus cosmetology. I believe that Seoul National University will present opportunities unavailable in my own country. Thus, I will grab any chance to get better education in order to be successful and satisfied with my future profession. Since, degree I would get there fits standards in many organizations all over the world.

Secondly, I consider, some branches of knowledge are best studied abroad. For total immersion in Korean language and culture, the only place to study is the South Korea. Besides, I have got a personal interest in studying as much as possible about the South Korea, since it??s my ancestors?? motherland. Although I was born in Uzbekistan, I am Korean; therefore it is my long-term dream to visit this fascinating country. And now I am very proud of being here and having an opportunity to get to know more about my ancestors?? country, its culture and society. For these reasons, there is no other country in the world I would like to visit and study in more than the South Korea.

I believe that Seoul National University will definitely help me achieve accomplishment in my professional, academic and extra-curricular endeavors. In turn, to make my career, I will show evidence of the prolonged commitment, intellectual maturity, and altruism required to excel in medical school and as a physician.
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