Study on Correlation Between Baby and Toddler Maltreatment and Harsh Parenting

Study on Correlation Between Baby and Toddler Maltreatment and Harsh Parenting

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Background and Research Questions
(1a) Infants and toddlers are more likely to experience the problem of maltreatment compared to other age groups. This study examined pregnant women’s attributions about infants to predict harsher parenting based on their prenatal ideas, which could potentially predict maltreatment. (1a)The hypothesis being tested was that “prenatal hostile attributions would predict official reports of child maltreatment between birth and 2 years of age, and mothers’ self-reported harsh parenting behaviors during their child’s second year". (1b)The motivation of this study was to decipher ways to prevent any maltreatment that can be predicted, by intervention of negative attributions and prevention of maltreatment. (1d) The design of this study was a prospective longitudinal study, in a small southeastern town and included a diverse sample of pregnant women.
Methodological Approach
(2a) The research design as stated above was a longitudinal study, meaning that the mothers and the children involved in the study were observed over a period of time. (2b) The particip...

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